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Online platform for schools to teach computer science to grades 1-10

For parents looking for online classes

Who are we

CodeSquad is an online learning platform designed to help schools implement a coding program for grades 1-10. Our platform includes curriculum, tools, and resources required to run a successful coding program, without any external teachers.

We are an edtech company with proven experience in teaching coding across geographies. We are on a mission to inspire the next generation to be coders and not fashionistas.

Simplify coding & make it fun & effective for your classrooms!!

Kids studying coding on a laptop in a classroom

Why choose us?

Platform features


Grade 1 - Grade 2

Introduction to coding using Scratch Jr

Construction activities using paper art

Covering, shapes, seasons and nature

Grade 3 - Grade 5

Game programming using Scratch

Design thinking & Engineering

Introduction to AI & ML

Grade 6 - Grade 8

Dive into Generative Art using Kojo

Mobile App development

Introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript

Grade 9 - Grade 10

Python Programming

Javascript Programming


Introduction to Cryptocurrency & NFTs

How Does it work?

School Teacher Trains the Student

  • CodeSquad trains your teachers

  • Detailed lesson plans and presentations provided

  • Students login for concept notes, worksheets and assessments

  • Assessment and Grading facility provided through the CSCM platform

CodeSquad teaches students

  • CodeSquad’s teachers will teach the students online

  • No teaching resources required

  • Students login for concept notes, worksheets and assessments

  • CodeSquad’s teachers will assess the students


We have been associated with CodeSquad for the last eight months during this pandemic. The entire student, parent and teaching faculty at Leh Valley School feel that this was the best decision that we could have taken.

We started the coding classes at the time of the second lockdown and introducing a new, interesting subject like coding helped keep all the children engaged and excited. Children would wait eagerly for their coding classes and rarely missed any.

It was a pleasure being associated with CodeSquad. Thank you from the mountains of Ladakh!

Logo of Leh Valley School

Tundup Aangmo

Principal, Leh Valley School


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